Next-generation assessment and proctoring solutions…. and people you can talk to and work with.

Are you an awarding body, university, or company and need flexibility, modularity, and total control of your own test publishing without being subjected to huge managed service costs and poor or indifferent service?


Do you need just specific services within the whole assessment cycle?


Or do you need a full end-to-end solution managed by you, by us, or by both?


And do you need all this knowing we will be there for you, your test-takers, or your clients every step of the way, whatever model you opt for?

What We Offer


  • Authoring testing/platform with both online and offline modes.
  • Remote proctoring/invigilation platform with Live, AI-augmented live, or automated flagging.
  • Assessment portal for test taker management, payment registration, voucher registration, eligibility management, and test centre management.
  • Global test centre network – we have run centres for the largest global test providers as well as for ourselves since 2009.
  • Consolidated network of Proctors/Invigilators who work with our proctoring platform or third party.
  • All platforms belong to us directly, are run by us, and give us total flexibility for bespoke solutions.
  • Boutique assessment solutions with a global reach.
  • GDPR compliance with servers based exclusively in the EU.


Explore the solutions below to build the assessment service which is a perfect fit for you.


We look forward to listening to you.

Conduct and monitor exams remotely and safely.

 Access a variety of online testing services and products.

A centralised portal for the management of Test Takers, our

global Test Centre Network, and our extensive Remote Proctor Network.

Check our Global Test Centre Network and let us help you organise and deliver your programme in the best possible way.

Hire certified proctors for your exams.

Number of Students Tested
Why Partner With Certify


Many options to connect your existing CMS, CRM, or LMS, systems


Modular approach with parameters set according to your needs


Next-level solutions for your assessment and proctoring services


Straightforward interface providing quick access to common features or commands


Reliable service quality with dedicated support around the clock


Zero-knowledge encryption to ensure test taker privacy and data security

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