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Certify have been in the assessment business since 2018, providing a whole array of services, including  authoring/assessment solutions, remote proctoring, test taker registration services, large scale high stakes paper and pen event testing, brick and mortar proctoring and a global network of test centres.


As we are not only a provider of software solutions, but have extensive direct experience of dealing with test takers globally at our 200+ test centres, we have developed, in everything we do, a strong orientation towards ensuring a seamless and secure test taker experience, whether the test takers are taking a test from home or at one of our test centres.

Certify was born in 2018 as a spinoff of International Testing & Training Services Ltd (ITTS), which to this day provides a global test centre network to the major Test Providers. Certify was created to offer remote proctoring services and authoring/testing solutions. Subsequently, some of the ITTS staff moved to Certify.

Most of our management team, including the Managing Directors, have front line experience of setting up test centres, running exam sessions and ensuring test-takers have the best possible testing experience.

This has had a vitally important influence on the company ethos of Certify, in that this strong front line service culture has also  invested every aspect of our more technological services, such as the digitised testing and remote proctoring. In short, we offer much more than remote proctoring and digitised test delivery services, and whoever has put us to the test can vouch for that.


Certify has been operating in the assessment field since 2018, but it has a tradition and ethos that go back to 2009, when International Testing & Training Services Ltd. (ITTS) was founded. Some of the staff who originally worked at ITTS moved to Certify, which is now operating as an independent company. These are some of the milestones in the history of Certify Assessment Solutions.


ITTS is founded, and immediately starts working for ETS and Prometric in the delivery of the TOEFL exam. At this time the company comprises two people who are responsible for everything.


ITTS sets up ITTS France in order to set up and run a high stakes test centre in the heart of Paris.

2010 - 2013

ITTS continues on its sprint towards creating a global network of test centres and recruitment of staff.


ITTS now comprises 15 people, and is testing at 150 locations for and behalf of most of the major test providers. ITTS also commence offering mobile testing, and large-scale paper-based events, with thousands of test takers per session.


ITTS is now receiving requests not only for its network of test centres, but also for other solutions such as payment, registration and  digitisation. However, ITTS decides that its core business should not be  compromised by engaging in too many different initiatives. As a result, the necessary groundwork is carried out, with key and experienced personnel being moved to what will be Certify Assessment Solutions.


Certify Assessment Solutions is founded and is ready to go. Certify instantly applies its ITTS ethos of placing the test -taker first in this new digital scenario. Certify’s instant success is also due to the fact that it is supported by ITTS’ test centre network of around 250 test centres and a support team which can provide assistance at all levels.


Covid-19 stretches resources and Certify ramps up through recruitment initiatives. The mission is to be able to absorb increased volumes of testing and remote proctoring, without compromising quality.

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