Certified Proctors

Recruitment /Proctor Eligibility

Our Proctor Services work with our own test centre personnel, recruitment agencies, and professional 3rd party service providers. Our proctors are located all around the world and already have online or physical test centre proctoring experience. Certify Assessment Solutions can provide local proctoring services upon request.


Before starting as a proctor at Certify Assessment Solutions, candidates have to go through 7 steps listed below to be eligible for proctoring:

1. Training Webinar


2. Online Material (Proctor Training Manual)


3. Mock Tests as a candidate


4. Online Cheating Methods Training


5. Mock Tests as a proctor


6. Certification Step


7. Client Specific Training

Once the certification process is completed, every proctor joins their own Proctors Team with a supervisor managing their schedules, delegating upcoming sessions and providing them with any documents if required prior to the proctoring session.


1. Training Webinar: Every proctor has to go through a 120-minute live webinar where we introduce our platform’s functions and present demo testing sessions which proctored online. During the webinar, proctors perform mock tests under the supervision of Certify Teams where they are introduced to various potential cheating examples and/or technical issues.


2. Online Material: Each proctor receives an online Proctor Training Manual which provides the guidelines for proctoring roles, proctor responsibilities, and trouble-shooting options when needed. They also receive a video link presenting how each proctoring method is conducted by certified proctors.


3. Mock Tests as a Candidate: Our proctors take a demo candidate test to have a better understanding of the candidate interface and potential scenarios a candidate goes through. This helps them to be able to assist the candidate in the best possible way whenever needed.


4. Mock Tests as a Proctor: Each proctor receives their own credentials to log in to our platform and run mock tests as a proctor to practice & learn the system before the certification step


5. Online Cheating Methods Training: Our proctors are provided with online material covering suspicious behaviours during online tests and are specifically trained to spot any potential cheating activities.


6. Certification: Our proctors have to take an online certification test assessing their proctoring knowledge and achieve a certain score to be certified.


7. Client-Specific Training: Proctors who complete the certification process, receives one final training which focuses on the exam day rules & guidelines provided by a specific client before proctoring to ensure that all proctoring and exam safety requirements are met for this client

Proctor Rules

Our proctors are to conduct sessions by the following rules:


✓   A Proctor has to agree with GDPR or relevant terms and conditions of the country where the proctoring service is provided.


✓   A Proctor has to be attentive to all sessions assigned to him/her in a timely manner.


✓   A Proctor must contact his/her designated supervisor prior to exam via video call and ensure that the proctoring location aligns with our regulations.


✓   A proctor cannot use a mobile device during proctoring.


✓   A proctor cannot engage in any other activity but monitoring the session at all times.


✓   A proctor has to monitor the session in an environment where full confidentiality is possible (e.g. at home or in an office) It is forbidden to proctor exams in public places such as cafes and restaurants.


✓   A proctor has to sign a confidentiality agreement and accept the terms and conditions to be qualified as a proctor.


✓   A proctor must have relevant experience and degree in monitoring testing sessions.


✓   A proctor cannot perform any activity that could jeopardize the testing safety.


✓   A proctor must be in touch with ITTS support at all times when conducting a proctoring session.


✓   A proctor must report to Certify Proctoring Department for each conducted session.


We are working with 3rd party providers, which are located in Europe and India. Certify holds a DPA for all 3rd party solutions.

Reviewers go through an e-learning process and subsequent e-assessment to become certified Certify Proctors.

Yes, proctoring requirements are 100% customisable per Awarding Organisation.

The auditing process is performed by professional Certify Teams that have considerable experience in online and bricks and mortar testing facilities. The reviewers work from an office with office equipment which is controlled by Certify.

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