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The SmarTest Invigilate proctoring platform gives you the confidence of security and integrity by ensuring assessments are invigilated via several Remote Proctor modes.


The demo will familiarise you with aspects of a remote assessment and will show you different points of view including the Test Taker, Proctor, and Supervisor. You’ll have the chance to see many of the question types as the Test Taker proceeds through the exam.


Innovative features such as the automated incident flagging and the lockdown browser are available to add robustness to the remote assessment. As the Test Taker progresses through the exam, you’ll see some of these fully customisable features do their job and pick up any infringements.



The SmarTest Examiner authoring and testing platform allows you to author and deliver assessments in a simple and intuitive way. Amongst a rich array of functionalities, it comprises a variety of question item types, item banking, a flexible and accessible hierarchical model to suit your organisation, double blind marking for the human marked questions and an offline modality.


Its native reporting functionalities will enable you to rapidly assess the level of performance of your question items in order to be able to effectively optimise your items and test forms. 



The SmarTest Nexus portal puts control of the assessment process in the hands of the Test Taker, Test Provider, and the Proctor. It supports the Test Takers to simplify their journey all the way from initial payment/registration/scheduling, with exam day test centre check in, to checking results, in the test taker personal area, after the assessments.


Nexus is also a powerful tool in managing your proctors on various levels for your remote proctoring activities.


Nexus is the ‘glue’ that brings together our other platforms, and in just the same way it can complement your own platforms for a more complete and superior service to your test takers/students and awarding bodies. 



To see a live demo, please fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch to arrange a time that suits you.


Certify’s e-assessment platform will enable you to host assessments easily, seamlessly and globally.  Please click on the link below and you will be directed to our test engine. You will land on a page that can be customised entirely according to your needs, including your own logo.


During the test, you will be able to experience some of our many question types, such as Multiple Choice, Numerical Input, Drag & Drop, Hotspot, Spreadsheet and so on. You can navigate through the exam by using the “Navigation” button at the bottom and have an idea of what our powerful test engine has to offer.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and good luck!

Remote Proctoring - Automated Incident Flagging

Automated Incident Flagging utilises advanced machine learning to flag irregular exam behaviour. Amongst its many features, it includes, on request, a lock down browser to prevent test takers from accessing other digital files from the machine on which they are testing and prevents print screen and printing.


The test takers will subsequently access the exam and you will be able to see some of the incidents being captured automatically. The incidents to be flagged and probability of cheating percentages can be customised according to your testing policies and procedures.


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