One of the core solutions offered by Certify Assessment Solutions is our powerful e-Assessment platform which, with one-touch publishing and live statistics, will enable you to easily host courses and assessments around the world.

Test Development

Certify can deliver customised services to meet all of your particular needs, including qualification setting, scheduling and registration, test distribution and administration and candidate identity management.


Whether you are looking to develop reliable assessment techniques, rich test content or contemporary operations, Certify will help you to achieve your objectives. Encouraging students to use online practice papers, whether included in the course or provided by the awarding body, has a proven positive effect on success rate.

Test Authoring

By taking advantage of our powerful modular solution, your business can choose the components essential to fulfil your requirements. Our platform provides a wide range of question types, which enable a broad subject discipline coverage from science to languages and history to name a few. 

Test Digitisation

Computer based testing (CBT) denotes a number of advantages in terms of creating fair and secure assessments. as well as relieving pressure on the exam owners, from a number of points of view. Some of these advantages are:


   The software will analyse the performance of the question items, to enable you to optimise your tests to make them more effective and fairer.


✓   The testing platform will deliver both the questions and answers in a randomised fashion to enhance security.


✓       Except for the essay type questions, correction of the exams will be automated, thereby taking off pressure on professors/markers and resulting in potentially considerable cost savings.


Our exam platform has many question types available such as Radio Button, Matrix, Textbox, Hotspot, Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop, Ranking, Spreadsheet, Video and many more.

Our exam platform allows all students to receive random questions out of question banks.

Yes, this is an option that our exam platform offers.

This depends on the number of questions and question types, but in most cases, it will not take more than 3 to 4 days.

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