A customisable and scalable e-Learning stage for use by small teams up to big business scale learning. Now you can follow progress and skill improvement across teams, departments and students with an integrated powerful assessment engine.



   Many rich media formats supported (audio, video, interactive)


   Secure PDFs – prevent downloading,  printing, or sharing


   Tutor resources folders


✓    Progress rules / eligibility rules-block content/tests until completed pre-requisites


   Tutor allocation and controls


   Many question types available


   Stored test history to look back when necessary


  Timed or open-ended tests


   On screen functions


   Auto-marker allocation


✓   Custom fields – such as demographics, department, or experience 


   Clear graphical representation of data


✓    Item statistics including time spent on item, individual responses given and demographic breakdown


✓    Reports available to partner colleges or clients

Progression Tracking

   Activity reports on departments/cohorts and individual learners


   Track usage of resources


   Set prerequisites


   Enable/disable access to resources for specific groups and/or times


    Auto-tutor allocation and welcome emails


    Auto-marking with result notification


   Scheduled emails/reminders


   Online registration and payments


   Simple and secure APIs


   LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) compatible


   QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) compatible


   Test imports


   Integration with 3rd party test centre networks and test engines


It is recommended that the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Windows only) or Safari (macOS only) is used. Each of these is available for free download.

Certify’s technical support team can be contacted instantly by messaging through a number of different channels to help you with any technical issues you might experience.

Depending on the client’s preference, Certify will automatically email participants a copy of certificates once courses are completed and assessments are passed successfully.

Certify provides sub-portals with individual domains, branding, users and permission roles.

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