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Making a remote assessment event successful entails having access to adequate technology, proper communication, orientation processes and quality remote proctors.


As a long-standing provider of brick-and-mortar testing facilities worldwide, we are fully aware of the importance of the quality of proctoring, not only to ensure security but also to contribute to a seamless testing experience for the test-takers and allow them to perform to the best of their ability as if they were taking their test in a brick-and-mortar facility.


And we also acknowledge how tiring it can be for non-professionals to source and manage a team of quality proctors and reviewers for your remote assessment programs. We know how challenging it is, as we have been through this process ourselves for the last two years, working on building up a network of proctors who can offer the same level of engagement towards test takers as if they were in a brick-and-mortar facility.


Spare your valuable time, as we have already done all the work, and take advantage of our turnkey solutions for your proctoring and reviewing needs.


We have over 1000 multi-lingual proctors and reviewers located worldwide, and we can provide local proctoring services upon request.


Considering how vital the proctor is to ensuring a seamless testing experience for the test taker, before starting as a proctor at Certify, all proctor candidates are required to go through a series of procedures listed below to be eligible for proctoring:

  • Training webinars


  • Mock tests as a candidate and proctor


  • Online cheating methods training


  • Online assessment and certification


  • Client-specific training

Ensuring exam security and providing test-taker support are the two fundamental requirements of all remote assessments, whether delivered in a brick-and-mortar test centre or remotely. That’s why we take pride in the expertise, skills and knowledge of our fully trained remote proctors. Located worldwide, our proctors are well-versed in using multiple assessment solutions, and thanks to them, test takers are free to concentrate on the task ahead of them.


All reviewer candidates are required to go through a series of procedures listed below to be eligible for reviewing: 

  1. Training webinars
  2. Mock tests as a reviewer
  3. Online assessment and certification
  4. Client-specific training

Included in our service is reviewer auditing. This enables us to ensure that an adequate amount of time is dedicated to every hour of testing, as per our agreement with you.


When using our own proctoring platform, the system tracks how much time has been dedicated to reviewing each test so that the auditor can identify at a glance on the dashboard whether there are any irregularities and zero in on those.

Proctor Rules

Our proctors conduct sessions following these rules:


  Proctors must agree to the GDPR or relevant terms and conditions of the country where the proctoring service is provided.

   Proctors must be 100% punctual for their assigned tasks.

   Proctors must contact their designated supervisors prior to exams via video call and ensure that the proctoring location aligns with our regulations.

   Proctors cannot use a mobile device during proctoring.

   Proctors cannot engage in any other activity other than monitoring the session at all times.

   Proctors have to monitor the sessions in an environment where full privacy is possible (e.g., at home or in an office) It is not allowed to proctor exams in public places such as cafes and restaurants.

   Proctors must sign a confidentiality agreement and accept the terms and conditions to be qualified as a proctor.

   Proctors must be in touch with Certify’s support team at all times when conducting a proctoring session.

   Proctors must report to the Certify Proctoring Department for each conducted session.

What do you need?


We are working with third-party providers that are located in Europe and India. Certify holds a DPA for all third-party solutions.

Reviewers undergo an e-learning process and subsequent e-assessment to become certified Certify Proctors.

Yes, proctoring requirements are 100% customisable per awarding organisation.

The auditing process is performed by professional Certify Teams with considerable experience in online and bricks-and-mortar testing facilities. The reviewers work from an office with office equipment that is controlled by Certify.