Smartest Invigilate seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art security measures to guarantee a secure and reliable testing environment. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, a robust lockdown browser, and supplementary smartphone-based additional camera streams, Smartest Invigilate sets a new standard for the integrity of remote assessments.


Our AI-driven features go beyond conventional invigilation methods, ensuring a vigilant eye on every aspect of the assessment process. The lockdown browser adds an extra layer of protection, fortifying the system against potential breaches. The additional smartphone-based camera streams enhance the surveillance capabilities, providing a comprehensive view for an unparalleled level of scrutiny.

But Smartest Invigilate is more than just a security solution; it’ s a comprehensive platform designed to empower institutions and organisations.


The integrated dashboard offers a centralised hub for managing the entire assessment cycle with ease.

Moreover, our advanced communication functionalities foster seamless interaction between supervisors, proctors, and test takers. This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a smoother and more transparent assessment experience.


Our Remote Proctoring solutions can be easily integrated into most learning or assessment platforms through APIs. Proctor modes are available, including live proctoring, record and review and auditorium. In addition, the offline option is available when a stable internet connection cannot be guaranteed.

General Features

Invigilate has been developed with the test provider’s and test taker’s needs at the forefront of its design. The security and integrity of the assessment are pivotal factors for the provider, while the ease of use and support available are given to the test taker.

The intuitive platform has been built to support the decision-making process of a fully trained proctor. Yet this process can also be augmented by utilising of our powerful monitoring and AI-Powered automated flagging feature.

To provide the most diverse options for as many institutions from as many countries as possible, Invigilate is equipped with the same multi-language system as Examiner.

Proctoring Options

Live Proctoring

Real-time proctoring and supervisor monitoring, with each session recorded and stored

Live Proctoring Plus

A multiple mobile camera feature to support practical and shop-floor assessments

Live Proctoring Lite

All the benefits of Live Proctoring without data storage

Record & Review

Utilising the same streaming as a live session, the reviewer then reviews recordings of the test being taken.

Record & Review Lite

Only potential infringements are recorded for minimal data storage.

Automated Incident Flagging

Test-takers are monitored by an AI platform, where suspicious behaviours, such as changes in lighting, unusual noises and looking off-screen, are consistently flagged automatically so that professionals can review them afterwards. The examinees’ audio, video and screen-sharing feeds are recorded during the test.

Offline Modality

The offline modality integrates easily with the assessment platform and allows a test taker to download the test when they have internet access, take the test remotely and upload the exam using only mobile data. 


Whichever you choose, we make sure that you and your test takers are assisted with logistical and technical support before and during the assessment. 


The auditorium caters to larger volumes of test takers sitting an exam at simultaneously. A team of proctors will monitor the session and can communicate with each other throughout. 

Comparison of Remote Proctoring Options

SmarTest Suite Brochure

Get your copy of our brochure for detailed information on SmarTest Invigilate, SmarTest Examiner and SmarTest Nexus.

SmarTest Invigilate Brochure - English

What you’ll find inside:

  • Detailed information on our centralised portal for the management of Test Takers, Test Centre Networks and Remote Proctor Networks
  • Detailed information on our complete assessment platform, SmarTest Examiner
  • Detailed information on our online remote proctoring platform, SmarTest Invigilate, including our remote proctoring options


Yes, remote proctoring services can be integrated into all e-assessment platforms using simple APIs or LTIs.

This depends on the remote proctoring option you prefer. In live proctoring, 500 students can be simultaneously examined, while in record and review and AI, around 2000-2500 students can be examined.

Clients can use their proctors, who will be trained by Certify or request certified proctors for every session.

Standard Certify estimated time is to spend 10-12 minutes for every 1-hour exam.

All data is kept on servers in Europe, but this can be transferred to the client’s servers if requested.

We have proctors all over the world including within the GDPR area.

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