Remote Proctoring

Remote Proctoring allows test takers to take an exam from any location, whilst ensuring the integrity of the test. We are not just providers of technology. As a result of managing candidates in physical test centres for over a decade, it is in our DNA to put the test takers first, regardless of where they are taking the test from. To this end, as well as providing you with integrable technology, we will also provide you with ongoing support at every level required to make remote proctoring a successful solution tailored to your needs.


Our remote proctoring solutions can be easily integrated into most learning or assessment platforms through APIs. The options include Live Real Time Proctoring, Record & Review and Automated Incident Flagging. Not only can we provide you with the platform, but also with the peripheral logistical and technical support to ensure seamless execution.

Why Remote Proctoring?

To give just one example, for universities Remote Proctoring has broadened their global reach by enabling them to offer standardised admission exams easily, affordably and globally.  This means universities are no longer limited to running admission exams exclusively in their respective countries, and having to recruit internationally through other means, thereby compromising the efficacy of their student recruitment efforts because of lack of standardisation.


Needless to say, Remote Proctoring (especially Automated Incident Flagging), will greatly simplify your exam scheduling, allowing you to schedule tests year round and to avoid the pressures of concentrating exams into a few sessions in exam halls or dealing with third party test centres.

Live Real-Time Proctoring

In Real-Time Proctoring, an experienced proctor invigilates the candidates’ activities and monitors audio, video and screenshare feeds in real-time. With this option, the proctoring service provider requires an individual to sit in a remote location to monitor students’ activities, ensuring student authentication, and preventing any irregular activity. Proctors can communicate with candidates via a chat box and issue time-stamped flags for reports.

Record & Review​

The Record & Review option allows more time flexibility since there is no live proctor involved. The entire test session is recorded with the same streams as in live proctoring and these can be accessed from dashboards and downloaded or requested as necessary. The proctor reviews the recorded test, plays back, fast-forwards (up to 8x speeds), and then flags any dubious activity using time-stamped annotations. This system allows many exams to be conducted simultaneously, unlike live proctoring.

Automated Incident Flagging

Test-takers are monitored by an AI platform, where suspicious behaviours, such as changes in lighting, unusual noises and looking off screen are consistently flagged automatically, so that these can be reviewed afterwards by professionals. Here as well, the audio, video and screenshare feeds of the examinees are recorded during the test.

Comparison of Remote Proctoring Options


Yes, remote proctoring services can be integrated into all e-assessment platforms using simple APIs or LTIs.

Browser lockdown can be used with the Record & Review and Automated Incident Flagging options, not with Live Remote Proctoring.

This depends on the remote proctoring option you prefer. In live proctoring, 500 students can be simultaneously examined while in Record & Review and AI, around 2000-2500 students can be examined.

Clients can use their own proctors, who will be trained by Certify, or request certified proctors for every session.

Standard Certify estimated time is to spend 10-12 minutes for every 1-hour exam.

All data is kept on servers in Europe, but this can be transferred to the client’s servers if requested.

We have proctors all over the world including within the GDPR area.

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