Certify offers a truly end-to end solution, with a network of test centres that we regularly put at the disposal of other Test Providers who do not have any or sufficient capacity of their own and who are more than familiar with the quality of our sites. Our Proctors are fully versed in a number of different policies, practices and procedures, thanks to the fact that  they are already working with multiple Test Providers. This means that they are quick to pick up new clients and new challenges.

Our Test Centre network is fully supported by a team of professionals who are used to working on an ongoing basis with a number of different testing platforms.

They are able to provide support to candidates and clients as well as to the test centre.

Locations Worldwide

ITTS has been working with venues since 2009, for its testing and training events, having created a network of over 200 partners worldwide. Check our map below and please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Manchester - ITTS’ exclusive test centre


We have created an agile training environment in Manchester to help you optimise your conference, training or testing initiatives. Get the most out of your training and your trainees in our uplifting training spaces. Make the best possible impression with your offsite corporate meetings and events. Deliver your exams seamlessly in our high-stakes labs. 


International Testing & Training Services (ITTS) has been managing Training and Testing events worldwide since 2009, and has created a global network of training and testing centres, which are all fully IT supported by our help desk team. Our Manchester centre is managed directly by ITTS staff, who are also trained invigilators and fully versed in all aspects of the latest health and safety requirements.

Core Services

Event Management

Test Centre Training/ Monitoring

Venue Sourcing and Setup

Continuous Technical Support

Test Centre Preparation

Our dedicated Support Service provides full set up and technical training.


Our dedicated Support Service provides full first port of call test session support


Our Operations Department provides training and refresher training to proctors


Our Operations Department arranges and carries out audits.


Our Test Centres comprise professional training venues, educational institutions as well as other renowned establishments, located in easy to reach areas and able to offer a comfortable and secure environment to our clients.
Our network comprises test centres in over 120 cities and over 60 countries around the world.
We are able to host paper based as well as computer based assessments, training sessions, high stake exams, with flexible schedules based on the client’s specific requirements.
Yes, all our partners are able to provide computers and experienced staff. Computers can be set up with the client’s software and workstations can be separated through dividers to maximise the exam’s security. CCTV is also available at many of our venues.
Yes, our Technical Support Team will follow the whole preparation process and will also be available for live support on exam day.

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