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SmarTest Examiner is more than an assessment tool; it’s a dynamic platform crafted to elevate your testing experience. Our cutting-edge features and robust capabilities set us apart in the realm of assessment authoring and testing engines.


One of the core solutions offered by Certify Assessment Solutions is our powerful e-Assessment platform, which, with one-touch publishing and live statistics, will enable you to easily host courses and assessments worldwide.

Question Types for Diverse Assessment Needs

Whether you’re creating quizzes, exams, or assessments, SmarTest Examiner offers a versatile range of question types to cater to all your testing requirements. From multiple-choice to performance-based questions, our platform empowers you to design assessments that truly measure understanding and skills.

Test Authoring

By taking advantage of our powerful modular solution, your business can choose the components essential to fulfilling your requirements. Our platform provides a wide range of question types, which enable broad subject discipline coverage from science to languages and history, to name a few. 

Key Features of SmarTest Examiner

IRT – CTT: Benefit from both Item Response Theory (IRT) and Classical Test Theory (CTT) methodologies, ensuring accuracy and reliability in test evaluation through dedicated data extraction.


Remote Proctoring Ready Platform: Seamlessly integrate remote proctoring to enhance test security and maintain integrity, even in a virtual setting.


White Label Product: Make SmarTest Examiner truly yours by utilizing our white-label capabilities, allowing you to brand the platform with your unique identity.


Offline Delivery: Conduct assessments without internet dependency, offering flexibility and convenience in various testing environments.


Event Logging: Capture detailed event logs, providing insights into user interactions, system activities, and potential areas for improvement.


Voice Capture and Audio  Reproduction: Enhance user experience with voice capture and audio reproduction capabilities, allowing for audio-based questions and responses e.g .for language testing.


Marking Options: Customise marking schemes to align with your grading preferences, ensuring accurate and efficient evaluation.


Integration Ready API: Seamlessly integrate SmarTest Examiner with your existing systems using our robust API, facilitating a smooth and cohesive workflow.


Reports & Insights and Analytics: Leverage comprehensive reports and analytics tools to gain valuable insights into test performance, allowing for data-driven decision-making.


Discover a new era of assessment creation and testing precision with SmarTest Examiner. Elevate your testing standards, streamline your processes, and gain unparalleled insights into your learners’ capabilities.


SmarTest Suite Brochure

Get your copy on our brochure for detailed information of SmarTest Invigilate, SmarTest Examiner and SmarTest Nexus.

Certify brochure

What you’ll find inside:



  • Detailed information on our centralised portal for the management of Test Takers, Test Centre Networks and Remote Proctor Networks


  • Detailed information on our complete assessment platform, SmarTest Examiner


  • Detailed information on our online remote proctoring platform, SmarTest Invigilate, including our remote proctoring options


Our exam platform has many question types available, such as radio buttons, matrixes, text boxes, hot spots, multiple choice, drag and drop, ranking, spreadsheets, videos and many more.

Our exam platform allows all students to receive random questions from question banks.

Yes, this is an option that our exam platform offers.

This depends on the number of questions and question types, but in most cases, it will not take more than 3 to 4 days.

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