Manage your platforms with Nexus.


SmarTest Nexus is an assessment ERP portal for test taker management, payment registration, voucher registration, test taker eligibility management, test centre management, remote proctor management, and test centre provider management/invoicing.


Nexus can integrate with your platforms for some or all of these features through APIs. Should you need customisation or other specific features, our ERP solution is in constant further development.


Proctor Management

Just as Nexus supports the Test Taker, the portal is also fully committed to

assisting the Proctor with streamlining the assessment process and their role

within it.


Within the Proctors area of the Nexus dashboard, they can easily access and

manage their own profiles. At the same time, they can view the list of both

upcoming and historical sessions in which they participated.

Nexus tracks upcoming events and assignments 24/7, sending notifications

and reminders to Proctors, whilst allowing them to access and view all

pertinent details about the events in question.


Proctors can ultimately decide their response to an assignment invitation,

accepting, rejecting, or replying to it.

Meanwhile, Nexus’s scheduling assistance makes sure that Proctor Availability

can be always maintained, even when 1,000s of exam sessions occur


Test Taker Management

For the Test Taker, Nexus is focused on simplifying the candidate journey from

exam scheduling, all the way to checking results after the assessment.


Test Takers can register themselves in a few quick and simple steps. Within

minutes, they can have their own profiles and secure area available.

To schedule an assessment, the Test Taker can select an Awarding Body from a

searchable list and choose which Test Centre, date, and time they’d like to take

an exam.


Once an exam has been completed the Test Taker can quickly access their

results history and track their performance.

Payment Portal

Nexus also allows Test Takers to manage their payments for assessments.

Once an exam has been selected, the Test Taker will be redirected to the test

provider’s payment gateway to make the transaction.


The Test Taker will then receive a payment and registration confirmation.

Similarly, if the Test Taker opts to use a voucher, Nexus assists with the payment

and confirms the registration.


To take the burden from the Test Taker, Nexus provides a complete accounting

process from offering a choice of payment options to providing receipts and

invoices directly to the Test Taker.

SmarTest Suite Brochure

Get your copy of our brochure for detailed information of SmarTest Invigilate, SmarTest Examiner and SmarTest Nexus.

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What you’ll find inside:


  • Detailed information of our centralised portal for the management of Test Takers, Test Centre Network and Remote Proctor Network


  • Detailed information of our complete assessment platform, SmarTest Examiner


  • Detailed information of our online remote proctoring platform, SmarTest Invigilate, including our remote proctoring options


It is recommended that the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Windows only) or Safari (macOS only) is used. Each of these is available for free download.

Certify’s technical support team can be contacted instantly by messaging through a number of different channels to help you with any technical issues you might experience.

Depending on the client’s preference, Certify will automatically email participants a copy of certificates once courses are completed and assessments are passed successfully.

Certify provides sub-portals with individual domains, branding, users and permission roles.

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