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We ckeckmark all the right boxes

Part of Certify Assessment Solutions is our powerful e-Learning and Assessment platform which, with one-touch publishing and live statistics, will enable you to easily host courses and assessments around the world

Screen Designer

A WYSIWYG editor that allows you to create customised screen layouts


White-labelled to take the look and feel of your website and design

Rich-media Questions

Question types include MCQ, MCMR, Financial, Text, Essay, File Upload, Video/Audio


Available in different languages and character types


Completely web-based, available worldwide instantly, no additional software needed


Host course content such as videos, interactive lessons, PDFs, examination preparation notes and more

Calculative Answers

Take into account candidates other answers, so that one small mistake does not follow through the whole paper

Variable Marking

Not just right or wrong, accept different answers, each with a different mark

Detailed Statistics

Drill-down through paper versions to individual questions

Payment & Registration

Register and pay with all major cards, PayPal and vouchers

Test Development

Test Development

If you wish to create tests from scratch, with your input our experts will take care of the design and blueprint, item development, review and maintenance of your item banks

Certify will ensure that whatever your test development needs, financial exams, language testing, business degrees, our experts will guarantee that your customised solution will tick all the boxes.

Utilising out powerful modular solution, your business can choose the components essential to fulfil your requirements. We will gladly provide a fully managed service if that suits your needs.

Already used successfully in more than 120 countries worldwide you can rely on Certify to deliver.

Encouraging students to use online practice papers, whether included in the course or provided by the awarding body, has a proven positive effect on success rate.

  • Fully functional test engine
  • No installation required
  • Available worldwide (lightweight client used in areas with poor internet)
  • Practice test scores saved – allows feedback to be reviewed later or shared with tutor
  • Feedback available for practice tests that give detailed advice, even on calculated questions. Can be generic for live tests and only cover syllabus areas
  • Timed or open-ended tests
  • Test wide exhibits
  • Customisable test screen layout
  • On screen functions including calculator, reading ruler, question flagging, navigator
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) compatible
  • Mobile device friendly
Test Authoring

Test Authoring

Certify will provide user-friendly item banking solutions that will enable you to create and edit items in a collaborative workflow, assemble and publish test forms and monitor the performance of those items.

Easy to use question designer coupled with flexible banking and 1 touch publishing. With multiple testing options and rich-media integration, you can design and release courses and tests easily and distribute anywhere in the world.

  • Many question types available (multi-choice, multi-response, financial/accounting, drag and drop, hotspot, gap fill, essay, Excel emulation, matrix, ranking, file transfer (assignment/EPAs) and more)
  • Custom metadata tagging with unlimited categories, rules (required, internal/public)
  • Variable marking (e.g. half marks for partially correct responses)
  • Relative marking, including IF statements (Question 3 = Question 1 + Question 2)
  • Quick preview
  • Exhibits and supplemental information such as documents and audio/video
  • Test versioning and moderation
  • Custom workflows and teams for each stage of test development
  • Multi-level categorisation of banks and questions
  • Zero-footprint – always know where your tests are, and avoid local copies
Test Delivery

Test Delivery and Practice Papers

We have an extensive global network of seasoned test centers having delivered a wide range of different test types and having faced the challenge of using a number of different technology solutions for test delivery.

With a well established global network of more than 200 sites available, Certify can provide a robust and secure environment for your high stakes testing.

We will deliver a highly customised service which will tick all the boxes.

  • Tried and Tested Secure Centres
  • Convenient Locations
  • Registration Services
  • Scheduling & Event Management
  • Multiple Payment Solutions
  • Student Data Capture
  • Biometric ID Capture
  • Fully trained Invigilators/proctors
Test Migration

Test Migration

If your current assessments are paper-based, Certify Assessment Solutions will be happy to digitalise these for you.

Utilising our powerful modular solution, your business can choose the components essential to fulfil your requirements.

Choose from the question types below and we’ll gladly produce a demo from one of your existing papers.

  • MCQ
  • MCMR
  • Financial
  • Text
  • Essay
  • Drag & Drop
  • Hotspot
  • Complex
  • & More