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At Certify Assessment Solutions, we are dedicated to making a lasting impact on lives by contributing in the best possible way to the assessment and growth experience. 

Whether you’re a test taker striving for success or a test owner shaping the path, we go beyond by being there for you every step of the way.

About Certify Assessment

Certify has been in the assessment business since 2018, providing a whole array of services, including  authoring and assessment solutions, remote proctoring, test-taker registration services, high stakes paper and pen event testing, brick-and-mortar proctoring and a global network of test centres.


As we are not only a provider of software solutions but have extensive direct experience dealing with test takers globally at our 200+ test centres, we have developed, in everything we do, a strong orientation towards ensuring a seamless and secure test taker experience, whether the test takers are taking a test from home or at one of our test centres.

Our Commitment to You

Certify stands out with a unique commitment – we are not just a platform; we are your partner in progress. Whether you’re navigating assessments or crafting them, our unwavering support is what sets us apart. Your journey is our priority, and we are here to guide, empower, and ensure your success.

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CERTIFY: Your Partner for Exam Success


Test Takers

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Test Centres and Proctors

Join our fast-expanding network of test centres and remote proctors.
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Our Clients

Certify is trusted by leading educators, institutions, and organisations worldwide for its innovative and reliable remote proctoring and exam management solutions.

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Remote Proctoring

Smartest Invigilate seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art security measures to guarantee a secure and reliable testing environment. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, a robust lockdown browser, and supplementary smartphone-based additional camera streams, Smartest Invigilate sets a new standard for the integrity of remote assessments.

Our AI-driven features go beyond conventional invigilation methods, ensuring a vigilant eye on every aspect of the assessment process. The lockdown browser adds an extra layer of protection, fortifying the system against potential breaches. 

The additional smartphone-based camera streams enhance the surveillance capabilities, providing a comprehensive view for an unparalleled level of scrutiny.

But Smartest Invigilate is more than just a security solution; it’ s a comprehensive platform designed to empower institutions and organisations.

The integrated dashboard offers a centralised hub for managing the entire assessment cycle with ease.

Moreover, our advanced communication functionalities foster seamless interaction between supervisors, proctors, and test takers. 

This not only enhances efficiency but also contributes to a smoother and more transparent assessment experience.

Our Approach

list comprises the key areas we address in offering support services

Client-Centric Approach

End-to-End Support

Multi-Tiered Support System

Empowering Independence

Equal Service
for All

Partnership Mentality

Flexibility and Modularity

Priority for Every Request

Adaptability to Evolving Needs

Prompt Issue Resolution

Our use of AI

Today, artificial intelligence is integral to everyone’s life, revolutionizing various sectors. Certify Assessment Solutions uses AI to assist humans by streamlining processes, enhancing decision-making, and providing personalized solutions. Their AI tools improve efficiency, accuracy, and user experience across diverse applications. Certify Assessment Solutions ensures AI is a valuable partner in achieving better outcomes and fostering innovation, shaping a smarter and more efficient future.

AI-Augmented Live Proctoring

Utilising AI for live proctoring, where the system alerts human proctors to any suspicious behaviour during exams. This enables proctors to focus on investigating potential cheating instances effectively

Replacement of Human Support Services

AI is not utilised to substitute human support services for test-takers and clients. Human interaction and assistance remain paramount in addressing their needs and concerns effectively

Proctorless Automated Proctoring

Employing AI to monitor exam sessions autonomously, flagging any anomalies for later review. Post-exam, a human reviewer analyses flagged events to determine whether they indicate illicit conduct or innocuous actions

AI Decision-Making

We do not delegate the decision-making process during proctoring to AI algorithms. Human judgment remains integral in determining instances of cheating