Our Use of AI

  1. AI-Augmented Live Proctoring

   – Utilising AI for live proctoring, where the system alerts human proctors to any suspicious behaviour during exams. This enables proctors to focus on investigating potential cheating instances effectively.

  1. Proctorless Automated Proctoring

   – Employing AI to monitor exam sessions autonomously, flagging any anomalies for later review. Post-exam, a human reviewer analyses flagged events to determine whether they indicate illicit conduct or innocuous actions.


AI Decision-Making

   – We do not delegate the decision-making process during proctoring to AI algorithms. Human judgment remains integral in determining instances of cheating.

Replacement of Human Support Services

   – AI is not utilised to substitute human support services for test-takers and clients. Human interaction and assistance remain paramount in addressing their needs and concerns effectively.

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